Football gambling strategies: What totals tell us about sides

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling lines should always be analyzed with assistance from the abundance of relevant NFL gambling statistics that are available.

While many football gambling fans do analyze a range of NFL gambling data, they often overlook the other lines on the football gambling board, which can actually provide lots of useful information about an NFL gambling match up. For example, when handicapping the sides in the football gambling odds it can be very useful to consider the information provided by a game’s football gambling total.

Football gambling match ups have totals that typically range from about 32 to 55. It is very rare to see a football gambling total that is outside of those numbers, but those numbers obviously involve a very large range. However, whether a football gambling total is high or low can be very telling. When a football gambling total is high, such as above 48, then NFL gambling enthusiasts can be confident that there is a good chance that the game will be high scoring. In other words, the NFL gambling contest will feature lots of offense and little defense.

In such a football gambling match up, if the football gambling side is small, such as -4 or less, then we know that there is a high probability that the game will be close, meaning the underdog may very well be able to stay in the game and cover. On the other hand, if the football gambling line is very high, such as -10 or higher, then we know that the game is expected to be a blowout. In this situation, therefore, one must determine whether the high total is simply the result of the favored team’s tremendous offense, which will completely decimate the opposition, or whether the underdog actually has much of a chance to put a lot of points on the board too.

The scenario is quite different, however, when considering football gambling match ups with very low totals. In these NFL gambling contests one must assume that the game will feature a defensive battle and few points being scored. These football gambling match ups are frequently won or lost in uncharacteristic ways, such as with a last minute field goal or as a result of a defensive or special teams touchdown. Consequently, if the football gambling line is low and the football gambling total is low then there may be good reason to wager on the underdog. Such is the case because if there seems to be a good chance that a game will be won by an unpredictable event, then there is little reason to favor either one of the teams and you might as well enjoy the buffer provided by the underdog’s points.

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