Football Gambling Patience

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling patience is something that is critical if you want to win money.

The dialogue and hype surrounding pro football gambling both in the media and amongst gamblers can be passionate, heated, and extremely opinionated. With that in mind you will find that the few who actually succeed at NFL football gambling are a cool bunch of independent operators and thinkers who don’t let the inevitable ups and downs of a pro football gambling season get to them.

Football gambling losses are going to happen. No matter how good a handicapper is at NFL football gambling, they will not be immune to gut wrenching defeats that seemingly are cruel and unfair. “Bad beats” are a regular occurrence in NFL football gambling and since they cannot be avoided, the only way to deal with the issue is to deal with it with resilience and determination.

Unfortunately, what happens with ninety-percent of gamblers after a bad beat in football gambling is that they go on a binge and begin chasing losses, trying to make up for something that they believe was stolen from them in football gambling. This is similar to a Texas Hold’em poker player going on “tilt” when he lost a pot with his pocket aces. He then begins chasing his losses with bad hands, cards that he normally wouldn’t have played. The pro football gambling version of tilt is much the same way, as gamblers will get on teams and football gambling games that they normally and originally wanted nothing to do with. The results nearly always seem to end up in disaster as not only do they not recover their original “bad beat” loss but they end up losing significantly more money than they otherwise would have had they shown patience in football gambling.

It is hard to accept bad beats and to deal with the continuous close calls involved with pro football gambling. But that’s life and those who can’t handle it are better off never stepping into the football gambling arena as they will otherwise learn the hard way with a blown apart bankroll.

The football gambling season is a five month grind of perilous near misses and tough beats, to go along with thrilling wins and the only way to survive it is with patience.

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