Football Betting without Getting Trapped

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football Betting can be exciting but there is no doubt that it is more exciting when you win money. If you want to win money at football gambling you must avoid the traps set by the oddsmakers.

Football Betting in the pros and the colleges involves identifying trap games.  Any game that you think the oddsmakers have a weak line on is a game that is likely a trap in which you are the sucker.  If you know nothing else about the Football Betting oddsmakers know this; they are the true know it alls. They know everything that you know, but beyond all of that, they know what you are going to do with that information as you are Football Betting games. It is the football gambling oddsmakers’ job to know what you know. And they do an excellent job of finding out. No matter if it is an obscure trend, key stat, or intangible from a media story, rest assured that the Football Betting oddsmakers are fully aware of it, but also what you will think of it and do about it.

That quarterback, wide receiver, or running back that is injured? You really think that the Football Betting lines is going to stay the same after that information is released? The oddsmakers know who is hurt, who the replacements are, and the value of the team on the football gambling board based on all of that. Often times, in fact, the team that is suffering from the injuries ends up as the more valuable team, because the Football Betting oddsmakers have adjusted the betting lines to meet consumer demand.

So you want to go against a cold weather team in a hot climate or a warm weather team in a cold climate?  The oddsmakers get the weather channel as well, and will adjust the Football Betting lines accordingly based on what they know the mainstream gambling public will do. You will not be getting any breaks based on the weather, as the oddsmakers will adjust for it and for what you are going to do when you are betting football.

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