Football Betting on Unknown Quarterbacks

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting enthusiasts often pay considerable attention to quarterbacks when handicapping NFL betting lines.

The top quarterbacks in the league naturally tend to attract lots of football betting action, but each year the football betting world must accommodate relatively unknown quarterbacks who were not even picked in the first few rounds of the draft. While NFL betting fans should certainly approach such players with skepticism, there are many examples of such quarterbacks achieving amazing levels of success in the NFL.

Football betting fans naturally feel more comfortable when wagering on proven quarterbacks who the gamblers know can lead their teams to victories. Consequently, quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are hugely popular among NFL betting fans and gamblers are willing to back these quarterbacks’ teams even when they are reflected as huge favorites in the football betting lines. When teams begin playing a new quarterback without any previous NFL experience, football betting fans are logically much more confident if the quarterback was a star at the college level and picked in the fist couple of rounds in the NFL draft. NFL betting veterans know that success at the NCAA level does not necessarily equate to success at the NFL level, but it is certainly the best indicating factor available. Nevertheless, there are countless examples of quarterbacks picked at the top of the NFL draft who then fail to deliver in the NFL. For example, Ryan Leaf, who was selected by the Chargers as the second overall pick in 1998, is considered one of the biggest draft busts of all time.

There are also many examples of unheralded quarterbacks who end up achieving great success in the NFL. In fact, Tom Brady, who many football betting fans would argue is one of the best quarterbacks ever to wear an NFL uniform, was only drafted in the sixth round after leaving Michigan. Brady therefore provides an excellent example for football betting fans of why you should never overlook unknown quarterbacks when handicapping the football betting lines. Marc Bulger and Matt Hasselbeck are two other famous quarterbacks who were selected in the sixth round when they were drafted, while Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Jeff Garcia, and Jake Delhomme were not even drafted. The amazing success of all of these players should be remembered by all football betting enthusiasts who doubt the potential of quarterbacks who were not necessarily stars at the college level. By foreseeing such success, rather than doubting it, you can possibly make extremely astute interpretations about football betting lines that other football betting fans are not yet confident enough to make.

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