Football Betting: Understanding the Over-Under

September 25, 2013 NFL Football

Football betting is not as simple as choosing which team you think is going to win a game. There are many other factors to assess, especially in the world of online wagers. One of those factors is called over-under. In general terms, an over-under bet is one that is concerned with the actual sum of the points scored by both teams. More specifically, a sportsbook or casino forecasts a combined score, and bettors choose whether the actual number at the end of the game will be higher or lower than that forecast. The ‘over’ wins if the score is higher, but if it’s lower the ‘under wins.’

For example, a football betting bookie predicts that the total score of a Packers-Jets game will be 50.0. Then let’s say that you bet on the over, meaning you believe the actual score will be higher than 50.0. When the game is over, the Jets have defeated the Packers 24-23 (combined score 47). Since the score was under 50, you just lost your bet. On the other hand, if the Jets trounce the Packers 44-20, the total score would be 64, which is over 50 and would make you a happy winner. Bear in mind that whoever wins and whoever loses is totally indifferent.


Furthermore, take into account that score-related over-under wagers are the most common, but by no means the only ones. As a matter of fact, every major sport has several different statistics that can serve for the same purpose. For instance, basketball uses assists, blocks, turnovers, and steals; baseball uses home runs, RBI’s, and more. As for football betting, over-under wagers include rushing yards or attempts, down conversions, interceptions, completions, field goal percentage, and so on. In all of those cases mentioned, the over-under can refer to either a single player or a team’s totals.

More often than not, the over-under is an even bet; that means that you stand to win just as much as you bet. In other words, if you bet $100, you win $100. Likewise, you lose however much you’re willing to risk. Over-under is a very interesting wagering variation, and if you’re interested in trying your luck and knowledge of the game, all you have to do is registering into a betting website, making sure it is a reliable one such as SB Global. Most sportsbook websites include over-under predictions along with spreads and money lines.

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