Football Betting Online: Turnaround Seasons

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online on teams with turn around seasons – improving drastically one year to the next – can offer excellent betting football value.

Football betting online should always involve a careful analysis of how much value a team presents in light of the odds established for betting football. Often, the best football betting online value is found not with the absolute best teams, but rather with the teams that exceed expectations.

Football betting online is often misconstrued as a contest to predict which teams will be the best. However, betting football is not about picking the best teams, because quite often teams have great overall records and lousy records against the football betting online odds, or vice versa. The most successful strategies for betting football involve wagering on the teams that are undervalued in the football betting online odds. Such teams are often those that performed horribly one year and then tremendously the next. These dramatic turnarounds are actually very common in the NFL and should be sought out by all analysts of football betting online. For example, in 2005-06 the Saints finished the year at 3-13, but then in 2006-07 the team won its division with a 10-6 record and reached the NFC Championship game. Such teams can offer outstanding football betting online value, especially at the beginning of a season. Few gamblers anticipate that football betting online on the team will be profitable, meaning the wagering odds do not the give teams the credit they deserve.

Predicting which teams will have turnaround seasons is, therefore, one strategy of football betting online. While such predictions are obviously impossible to guarantee, there are certain elements that can significantly increase the probability that a huge turn around will occur. For instance, teams that trade for veterans to undergo drastic roster overhauls can sometimes improve very quickly. Also, changes in a coaching staff can sometimes be a sign that rapid improvements will occur that must be predicted as you are football betting online. A promising group of rookies can also be an indicator of rapid improvements, although rookies often need several years in the league to acclimate to the speed of the NFL. Also, simple team maturity can sometimes result in rapid improvements that can have far-reaching effects on football betting online. In these situations, teams that have been growing together and gradually improving suddenly hit a breakout year in which they improve very quickly and win several more games than they had in the previous season.

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