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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online is greatly influenced by last week’s results.

The public, the oddsmakers, nearly everyone, overreacts to what happened last week in football betting.  Let’s look at how last week’s results impact football betting online.

Football betting online is all about how the public reacts. If you ever wanted a great example of just how fickle the mainstream football betting public is, just check out how they react to the previous week’s results. People who are otherwise intelligent and rational will literally go off the deep end, based on just one game one week ago, especially if it is extreme. A good team that suffered an upset loss to an inferior foe will be regarded as potentially overrated and finished in football betting online. This may be reflected in the football betting odds where they may actually get a break of a point or two since they carry less public appeal on the board.

By the same token a bad team that is coming off an upset win may be regarded as a “surprise” team, which, of course, serves to kill off the surprise in football betting online action. Most gamblers have short term outlooks and no vision and this is clearly reflected by their over-reactive nature to last week’s games in football betting online.

Keep in mind with football betting online action that it doesn’t take the public long to catch on to a streak, be it good or bad, and to begin wagering on it. While it is true that you can only lose once betting with a streak and many times betting against a streak it is also just as true that eventually, the oddsmakers are going to catch up to the streak in football betting online.
A streak or a run in which a team is at seventy, eighty, or ninety percent against the football betting board for a period of time is eventually going to turn as the price on that team will go up, just like a stock on the open market, until all value is gone in football betting online.

Just remember the old saying, which is that what goes up must come down in football online betting. Values eventually peak or crash, and average out over time in football betting online.

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