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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online odds can oftentimes be determined by who the public likes.

There is nothing more popular with gamblers than football betting and because of that popularity gamblers should keep in mind that the lines that they see can be directly influenced by public perception and preferences.

Football betting online is the most popular on the NFL. And with that comes certain teams that dominate the headlines, such as the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots. Beyond that you have the most respected teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts. You also have teams with large and strong national followings such as the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. All of this factors into the pointspreads and odds that you see when you get involved in football betting online.

The public determined the football betting online odds a lot more than you might think.  If the public gets down on a team then the football betting online odds are going to reflect that fact.  A team like the Detroit Lions might actually cover the spread because they are getting more points than they should.  Conversely, a team like New England might be overpriced because of the public’s fascination with them.  Football betting online success comes by covering the spread, not picking the straight up winner of the game. The public picks straight up winners, they don’t look for value in football betting online.

If you want to win money at football betting, the first thing to know is to know what not to do, as the mistakes of the masses are quite common. First, don’t bet on too many games. Less is more in football betting online. The masses crave action and always bet on the TV games. They also lose money in football betting online action.

Second, learn to think as a contrarian in football betting. There are countless examples of “sure things” that went just the opposite in football betting online. The more that the public and media see a game going one way, the more likely it will go just the opposite in football betting online. When you get involved in football betting also remember to manage your bankroll and show discipline so you can survive the season.

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