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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online futures gives you the option of betting on such things as the Super Bowl or National Championship in college football.

Future wagers in football betting are available to gamblers as a way to make a lot for a little and to stay in action all season.

Football betting online futures in the NFL revolves around whether or not a team will win the Super Bowl or its conference championship. You can also bet on whether or not a team will go over or under a set win total posted by the football betting oddsmakers.

College football offers much of the same type of futures in football betting online odds as you can bet on which team will win the national championship, which team will win their respective conference championships, along with over/unders on wins for a season.

In addition to the normal football betting online futures you also have exotic ones like future high profile games during the regular season like Oklahoma-Texas, Ohio State-Michigan, etc.  You may also see football betting online options on things like who will win the Heisman Trophy, Rookie of the Year in the NFL, etc.

One interesting part of football futures in football betting online action is that you can oftentimes get these odds during the season.  Some sportsbooks will continually update their futures odds in football betting as the season progresses.  So if you miss out at the beginning of the year, don’t fear, you may still be able to find some good futures in football betting online odds.

You must remember when betting futures in football betting online action that you are not going to get paid right away.  The football season lasts about six months so you need to be prepared for your money to be tied up that long.  That means you really want good value in your futures in football betting online.  You probably don’t want to risk money at low odds and then have it tied up for six months in football betting online. You probably want double-digit odds in futures football betting online action.

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