Football Betting on Season Win Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

When doing football betting handicapping for the season total NFL betting odds one must carefully analyze a team’s schedule.

Football betting on season win totals is one of the most popular ways of NFL betting on props at the beginning of an NFL season. The concept of football betting on a team’s total wins in a season is quite straightforward, but properly handicapping the football betting lines demands careful analysis of a team’s upcoming season. The most effective method of handicapping this type of NFL betting line is to carefully evaluate a team’s schedule and the strength of its opponents.

Football betting on a team’s season win totals simply involves predicting how many games a team will win (overall, not against the football betting spreads) during the NFL regular season. The football betting line for this wager will involve a quantity of games, such as nine, and the gambler then wagers ‘over’ or ‘under.’ In other words, if the NFL betting line is nine and you wager on the over then the team must win at least ten games for your wager to win. If the team wins nine games then the wager is a push and if the team wins eight or fewer games then your wager will lose. These prop bets are quite popular with many football betting enthusiasts because they last throughout the entire season and therefore generate football betting excitement for far more than just a single game. Additionally, the preparation needed to effectively place a wager on the season total football betting lines demands that the gambler carefully evaluate each team’s potential entering a new season. Therefore, by analyzing the season total football betting odds a gambler inevitably performs the background research on each team that is necessary to begin football betting on a new season.

It is best to determine which games you believe a team will win and which it will lose. NFL betting veterans know that an NFL season will always contain lots of surprises, so it is obviously almost impossible to determine exactly which games a team will win and lose, but fortunately it is not necessary to identify each game as such. Also, when handicapping the football betting lines you must consider factors beyond simply the strength of each opponent. For example, playing one of the best teams in the league during Week 17 may actually indicate a probable win, rather than a probable loss, simply because the best teams are often already in the playoffs and resting their starters during Week 17.

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