Football Betting Middles

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting middles are one thing that scares sportsbooks to death.

A middle occurs when the final score and spread of a game is a number that falls in between the opening and the closing football betting lines posted on that game. When this happens both sides in college or NFL football betting end up winning the bet and the house has to pay almost everyone that bet on that particular game.

Football betting middles will occur on occasion in both college and pro football. For example, let’s say that the NFL football betting lines had a game at minus 4.5 that was bet up to 5.5. This game then ended with a score of 35-30, a five-point margin in NFL football betting. The house must pay both the NFL football betting gamblers that laid the four and a half points on the favorite and who took the five and a half points on the dog.

How about another example in which a game opens with football betting lines at -5.5 and closes at -7? If the game ends 27-20 with a seven-point margin you have one side of the game that won and the rest of the football betting gamblers pushed. The sportsbook will then be forced to pay out a lot of cash to those football betting gamblers that bet the favorite up to the final seven points. They will also have to give back the money to gamblers that either laid or took the 7 points.

The first thing to consider when looking at a line move in football betting is that the linesmakers simply don’t believe that a game won’t finish either precisely on or between the numbers that are fluctuating on his line. The second consideration would simply be that the sportsbook is getting only one-sided action in football betting.

Many football betting gamblers will have several different accounts at the different online sportsbooks with the intent of finding possible middles in football betting. Middles happen more in basketball than they do in other sports but football betting middles are the most dangerous for the sportsbooks because football gets the most money.

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