Football Betting: Jets Unveil Tim Tebow Wildcat

August 7, 2012 NFL Football

Tim Tebow has found another calling. This one doesn’t compare with his spiritual beliefs, but as far as New York Jets fans are concerned it’s a good one.

The wildcat formation was for years used only by a handful of NCAA teams with gifted running backs who would assume the quarterback position in the shotgun formation. Upon the snap of the ball, the runner would take off on a sprint to either side of the field and be off and running.

Over the past few years, this scheme has caught on with the NFL and is now being implemented with much more frequency. Enter new Jets QB Tim Tebow, who on Thursday at the teams sixth practice was summoned to practice the goal line offense. Check the NFL Odds for the 2012 NFL Season.

Much to the surprise of onlookers and to the delight of the Jets defensive linemen, coach Rex Ryan proclaimed the quarterback “live.” “Live” means you get to hit and tackle the QB, unlike many of the drills where he is off limits to avoid injury.

Tebow proceeded to score three of four times, twice running and once throwing while set in the wildcat formation.  In his first attempt, he ran a bootleg and was unimpeded enroute to the end zone. He rolled out after the second snap and found tight end Josh Baker on a pass for the score. He was stopped on his third try, but came back to end the session with a true wildcat move off the direct snap from center. Start your NFL Betting action on the Chicago Bears at SBG Global.

It’s not like New York was deficient in goal line stands or from the red zone last season. Just the opposite in fact, as they led the NFL in efficiency from inside the twenty yard line and scored eighty percent of the time from inside the ten.

Current starting QB Mark Sanchez was no slouch himself, scoring six touchdowns in goal to go situations in 2011-12. Open an Account for the best Sportsbook Parlay and Vegas Teaser Payouts in the Industry.

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