NFL Betting Halftimes and NFL Gambling Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting in 2007 will give you many opportunities to make money. One strategy that works every season is finding a team to fade. The team that might be ripe for a fall in 2007 is the Tennessee Titans.

NFL betting oddsmakers usually set football gambling halftime lines based upon the original pointspread for the game. The football betting oddsmakers don’t care about a team’s style or the current situations.  They are just looking at numbers.  Betting games you’re watching can also present opportunities for halftime football betting.

Football betting oddsmakers typically use the score of the game, as well as the closing number and total to set second half lines. If time permits, football betting oddsmakers may also briefly look at the game. Unfortunately for the football betting sports books, there are simply too many games to watch them all. If you’re watching a game, you’re in a better position to see what is going on and you have a better idea of what the football gambling line should be.  You can see if a normally strong team is playing flat? Were there a few injuries that should affect the football betting line but didn’t? Or is a key skill player out? Any of these factors are important and give you a big edge for 2nd half football betting.

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Sometimes you even have the chance to middle a game. For example, you bet a team at +7 and the teams are tied at halftime. Even though your team is covering, you think their play is poor and you could be in trouble.  That is an ideal situation to hedge the bet. At halftime you check the football betting line for the other team and it’s listed at -3. With a wager on the dog at +7, and the favorite at -3, it’s impossible to lose both football gambling bets, but possible to win both of them.  This is called a middle and a nice opportunity for you in football betting. 

In football betting you should always be aware of other opportunities to make money.  Football gambling halftime bets give you additional chances to find weakness in the NFL betting line.

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