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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Think like an oddsmaker instead of a gambler and you might begin finding football betting value and profit instead of NFL betting losses.

Football betting is more than just knowing the players, coaches, general managers and all of the other statistics. You have to remember that the football betting oddsmakers know everything that the average gambler knows and more. If you want to win at NFL betting you must realize that the football betting oddsmakers are good.

Football betting oddsmakers should not be underestimated. The oddsmakers know when a quarterback is injured. Average football betting gamblers will foolishly rush to bet on the other side when they here about an injury but the oddsmaker knows that too and will adjust the NFL betting lines accordingly. What about that team that is playing at home and seeking revenge against its hated divisional rival with a standing room only overflow crowd expected. Yeah, sounds great, a perfect setup, except that the oddsmakers know all about it too, and will charge you more than what is merited to get down on that team.

What about the team that is hot and can make the playoffs with a win. Yeah, they are doing great and on a roll and playing a team that is out of contention. How can this miss? The football betting oddsmakers know all about this angle, and that you and the rest of the masses are going this way. And they will charge you accordingly with an inflated NFL betting line.

What about the player and or coach that are seeking to show up his former team, yeah they sure will be motivated. You probably read or heard all about it from the media. That has quite a nice intangible angle to it. Except that there is one problem. The football betting oddsmakers know all about it as well and will jack up the line, ready in anticipation of you.

Another example is when a bad team is written off for dead and is just playing out the string. Wow, what a team to go against in football betting. Should be easy money, right? Problem is, the football betting oddsmakers know all about that angle as well, and will charge you a premium price on the football betting lines.

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