Follow Good Teams in NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting doesn’t always have to be about taking bad teams and hoping they cover the spread.

In NFL betting you can sometimes find value in NFL football betting with good teams. You just have to know where to look on the NFL betting odds board.

NFL betting is so highly popular that not much goes unnoticed. Pundits all over the world are giving their opinions on NFL football betting for the week. The NFL is so hyped that everyone looks at every game and every angle imaginable. Many times these so-called experts will try and find a reason to take the poor teams in NFL football betting on a weekly basis. That is not always a good idea. Too many times you will find individuals in NFL betting that make the decision to bet on a weak team thinking that it was a good value. They, unfortunately, learned the hard way that there is no value with a loser just as there is no price too high to pay for a winner in NFL betting.

For example, the New England Patriots were an over sixty-percent play against the NFL football betting boards during their back-to-back Super Bowl runs. They were well known by the public as a team of excellence and yet, despite the inflated odds, they still made followers money in NFL betting. This was simply a shining example of a good team getting good results in NFL betting. There were more than a few times during their successful NFL betting run that the Patriots faced opponents touted as being the ones ready to dethrone them or upset them but those who stuck with the proven Patriots in NFL betting were in the black far more often than not. Good teams can get on a nice pointspread run so don’t be afraid to follow them when that happens.

Don’t ignore good teams just because they are laying points in NFL betting. While it is true that underdogs are usually the way to go in NFL betting, favorites do cover the pointspread sometimes, especially strong teams.

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