Five Football Betting Mistakes to Avoid

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting mistakes can be avoided if you know what to look for. Let’s look at five mistakes at football bets we don’t want to make.

Football betting success can be all about avoiding mistakes. The overwhelming majority of NFL football betting gamblers will lose money because they do the same things over and over again when making football bets. The five most common traits of NFL football betting losers are lack of vision, lack of discipline, lack of proactive thinking, lack of organization, and lack of originality.

1 – Lack of vision. When it comes to making football bets, vision is a word that most people don’t understand. Vision to most NFL football betting players unfortunately means getting up on Sunday morning and looking over the board an hour before kickoff. Many gamblers, as incredible as it may sound, walk into Sunday with no clue as to who or what they are going to take and they simply go with “feel” and “wing it.”

2 – Lack of discipline. This goes right along with vision. Your typical NFL football betting participant will wager wildly different amounts on games, with no methodology to the madness. Worst of all these gamblers act equally crazy when they are winning and losing in football betting. Winning is like an intoxicant that makes them gamble more recklessly. Losing is something that triggers these players into going on tilt. Either way, they break with a reasonable gambling pattern and blow up when they make football bets.

3 – Lack of proactive thinking. Most gamblers bet based on past results. Last week’s games, or last season’s standings, are what drive gamblers decisions against the betting line rather than foresight into the week ahead. The football betting oddsmakers know which teams are facing these reactive wagers from gamblers and adjust the lines accordingly.

4 – Lack of organization. Getting organized means developing both a handicapping methodology and a bankroll management plan. Most gamblers don’t have either one.

5 – Lack of originality. Unfortunately, most people are losers at NFL football betting because they all gather the same information from the same sources that ends up having the same spin to it. Everyone is generally thinking the same way. You will find, however, that winners at NFL football betting are a different breed and usually are standing alone and separate from the pack. There is simply no value in following the crowd when making football bets.

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