First Scoring Play Superbowl Props

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl props on the first scoring player of the Super Bowl can be exciting and present value for gamblers.

The option to choose exactly what will happen first in the game is popular in Super Bowl odds.  Let’s take a look at each of the individual choices for both teams and glance at the last scoring TD prop as well.

Superbowl props on the first scoring play are going to favor Pittsburgh since they are a 7 point favorite in Super Bowl odds for the game.  The choice that has the lowest Super Bowl odds for the first scoring play is a Pittsburgh field goal at about 3-1. Right with that option in Superbowl props is an Arizona field goal and an Arizona touchdown at 3-1 or so.  If you think the Steelers will score first with a rushing play or a passing play you can get Superbowl props odds of about 4-1.  An Arizona rushing touchdown is about 5-1 in Superbowl props odds. If you think a special teams or defensive touchdown will be the way the first TD is scored you can get that option at 12-1 for the Steelers and 15-1 for Arizona. If you believe a safety will be the first score of the game you can get 40-1 on Pittsburgh scoring it or 50-1 on Arizona getting it in Superbowl props.

You can get these exact same options in Superbowl props for the last scoring play of the game.  The Super Bowl odds are a little bit different but not by a whole lot.  The Superbowl props for the first scoring play just have lower odds and are grouped closer together with a Steelers field goal, Arizona field goal, Arizona passing play, Pittsburgh passing play and Arizona run.  The safety option is lower in Superbowl props odds but is still 30-1 or more.

Superbowl props give gamblers a lot of different choices for the big game. The first scoring touchdown and the last scoring touchdown are just two of the many different choices. Both of these Superbowl props can keep you in action right from the opening kickoff until the last play of the game.

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