First Half and Halftime NFL Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds include more than just the side and total each week. You can also bet first half and halftime NFL betting lines.

Betting halves is when gamblers wager on either the first or the second half of a game. There are pointspread sides, over/under totals, and oftentimes money lines available on nearly all games for the first and the second half.

NFL odds at the half are more popular than first half wagers but both bets get attention. Halftime wagering in NFL betting lines gives gamblers a chance to watch the first half and then decide upon a wager. For example, if the New England Patriots were an eight-point favorite over the Buffalo Bills and trailed at halftime 14-17 some gamblers might want to take a shot with the Patriots in NFL odds. Let’s say the halftime NFL betting lines had the Patriots at -8 for the second half. Now if the Patriots won the game by a touchdown the gamblers that bet them in the second half would win versus the NFL odds while the gamblers that bet them before the game would lose.

Let’s take that example from another perspective versus the NFL odds. Let’s say you had the Bills in that game plus the eight points and the same score occurred at the half where Buffalo was leading 17-14. You could now hedge your bet versus the NFL odds and take the Patriots minus the 8 points at the half. Now you have a no-loss guarantee for the game with the possibility to middle it. If the Bills lost by less than 8 points you would still win your Buffalo bet but now if the Patriots won the second half by more than 8 points you would also win the Patriots bet. You have a three point middle in NFL odds with no risk to you. Yes, your Buffalo bet is really no longer in play since you took the Patriots at the half but you now have no risk and can hit both wagers versus the NFL odds if the Patriots win by 6 or 7 points for the game. You also would push one bet and win the other versus the NFL odds if the Patriots win the game by 5 points or if they win by 8 points. Gamblers love the chance to hit both wagers in NFL odds.

First half wagering versus NFL odds is also available to gamblers that don’t want to worry about backdoor covers. Playing a strong team in the first half can alleviate that problem and that is why some gamblers like first half wagers versus NFL betting lines.

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