Finding Value when Betting on NFL Football

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Finding Value when Betting on NFL Football at SBG Global

NFL betting value is wagering on teams laying more points than they should or getting more points than is warranted. It can also be betting on unders with totals that are higher than warranted and betting on overs with totals that are lower than they should be. The elusive trick, however, is to learn how to find that value when betting on NFL football.

Betting on NFL football is very popular which means the public will be betting games all the time. The first thing to know about searching for and finding NFL betting value is to know where not to look, which is where the public is. For example, you will not make money betting on power home favorites when betting on NFL football. It has been tried and continues to be tried by the public that is betting on NFL football. Many NFL teams will win at home but not cover the pointspread.

You will also not make money in NFL betting if you consistently look at what happened last year or even last week. The public has a strong tendency to overreact to previous results when betting on NFL football, which raises the line into having no real value while betting on teams that are no longer what they used to be.

You will also find very little NFL betting value if you continually follow the media and the public. They will point you towards overlays and bad selections as you are betting on NFL football. You will be amazed that once you train yourself to think as a contrarian, and in opposition to conventional thought, your profits will grow when betting on NFL football.

Value can be found when betting on NFL football but rarely is it found by following the crowd. You might want to look at totals, money lines or even propositions as other avenues to win money when betting on NFL football. These areas are ignored by the public and sometimes give you good value when betting on NFL football.

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