Familiarity in Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds are somewhat unique for Super Bowl XLIII as the Pittsburgh Steelers face the Arizona Cardinals.

Both teams know the other very well. The Super Bowl odds show that Pittsburgh is favored by about a touchdown against Arizona.

Super Bowl odds information tells us that the Arizona Cardinals are led by head coach Ken Whisenhunt who used to be the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He knows the Pittsburgh offense extremely well since he put much of it into place. Whisenhunt’s good friend, Pittsburgh defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, knows the Arizona offense very well since he went against Whisenhunt’s offense on a regular basis in Pittsburgh. “Kenny and I were really close friends; we played golf together all the time.” LeBeau said, “We were both on the same skill level, so we could never be on the same team.” Some people that look at Super Bowl odds are calling the Arizona Cardinals, Steelers West since they have many former Pittsburgh coaches.

Which team will have the advantage in Super Bowl odds? The Pittsburgh Steelers had the #1 defense in the NFL as Super Bowl odds stats tell us. The Arizona Cardinals were the 4th best offense in the NFL as Super Bowl betting stats show. On paper the Steelers would seem to have a bit of an advantage in Super Bowl odds. Pittsburgh wants to be remembered for having one of the best defenses in Super Bowl odds history. “This last game is going to determine a lot with how we’re remembered.” Linebacker James Farrior said. The Super Bowl odds total is listed at 46.5 and with Pittsburgh having the #1 defense that Super Bowl betting total might be too high. The last four Super Bowls have gone under the Super Bowl odds and some gamblers believe that could happen again with this year’s game.

Super Bowl odds favor the Steelers but the number is not huge. A touchdown is just a single play in Super Bowl betting and Arizona has shown they can score on anyone. Familiarity is definitely important in this year’s Super Bowl odds and ultimately it could decide the Super Bowl betting outcome.

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