Falcons & Eagles Take to the Skies to Face Off in Wk 10

October 7th, 2019 NFL Football

The Atlanta Falcons game this week will grab the public’s attention. The Philadelphia Eagles thought they hit the jackpot with Carson Wentz, and through the first half of the season the majority of betting sportsbooks agreed with that sentiment. But now that we’ve seen the rookie play through half an NFL season, we’ve gained more insight into the type of quarterback that Wentz is. Don’t get it wrong; Wentz is a talented, young athlete and the Eagles are lucky to have him. Overall, Wentz is definitely the type of player that can you build a franchise around. But is he good enough to beat out Dak Prescott for the Rookie of the Year award? Probably not.

Heading into Week 10, the Eagles’ rookie quarterback fields a passer rating of 87.7, and has 9 touchdowns to 5 interceptions to his name. This upcoming week, Wentz will have to face off with one of the few quarterbacks who are at the forefront of the MVP discussion, Matt Ryan. The Eagles will be coming off of two straight losses to divisional opponents, will they be able to prove worthy of your bet on NFL money lines this Sunday?

NFL Odds – Week 10 – November, 13th

Atlanta Falcons +1 (-110) 50 (-110) -101
Philadelphia Eagles -1 (-110) 50 (-110) -119

Fascinatingly enough, betting sportsbooks are having a hard time coming up with a clear favorite for this contest. A 1-point spread is predicting an extremely close contest, and the money lines don’t have an underdog. Technically the Eagles are the slight favorites, but the margin is so slim that it would be dismissed in any scientific community.

Sunday’s matchup will be a tale of two teams. Atlanta, who rely on their explosive offense led by the efforts of Matt Ryan, are the leaders of the NFC South and have a very legitimate chance of being serious playoff contenders. Philadelphia, who have a talented young quarterback, but rely primarily on the ferocity of their defensive unit, find themselves dead last in the NFC East, but not completely out of the playoff conversation. The Eagles’ offense ranks near the bottom of the league offensively, but their defensive unit is top 10 in everything except against the run. The Falcons have the 2nd best total offense and the 2nd best passing offense in the NFL, but their pass defense is the 31st worst in the league. Indubitably, these two teams are very different, but this Sunday only one will be able to come out on top.

Unless of course, the game ends in a tie. That would be extremely rare, but it has already happened twice this year. A tie isn’t exactly how betting sportsbooks would like these games to end, and a tie isn’t helping out the NFL either. The NFL’s ratings are already in the gutters, and if they’re unable to deliver more entertaining contests then more and more people will start tuning out.

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