Expect Huge Super Bowl Betting Numbers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting is going to be huge in more ways than one.

There is no question that the game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts is going to attract a lot of attention in Super Bowl odds and it is also going to get huge TV ratings.

Super Bowl betting has the Colts as a 5.5 point favorite with a total of 56.5.  With two exciting offenses and the two teams that had the best records in the NFL this season, Super Bowl betting is going to be popular.  TV ratings are also going to be off the charts.  CBS will be showing the game on Sunday, February 7th starting at 6:25 pm Eastern time and they are thrilled with the Super Bowl betting matchup. 

If the ratings for the NFC title game are any indication then the ratings could set all-time records.  The NFC Championship game on Fox drew 57.9 million viewers.  That is the most since the 1981 game between Dallas and San Francisco which is considered one of the greatest games ever and is still remembered to this day for the catch made by Dwight Clark.  The game between the Vikings and Saints this past weekend was the most watched TV program other than Super Bowls since 1998. The game between the Colts and Jets in the AFC title matchup was also very popular on CBS as 46.9 million viewers tuned in.  It was the most watched AFC Championship game in 24 years.

When two great teams get together it makes for big ratings and big Super Bowl betting numbers.  Also keep in mind that this is the first time since 1994 that the top two seeds in the NFL will be meeting in Super Bowl betting.  That year in Super Bowl odds it was Dallas vs. Buffalo.

The ratings for Super Bowl odds are likely to be in the range of 43 or more. That would mean that it would be the largest Super Bowl betting viewing audience ever. Last year was the highest as the Super Bowl betting matchup between the Steelers and Cardinals drew 98.7 million viewers for a rating of 42.  The rating was actually lower than the previous year in Super Bowl odds of 43.1 but more people tuned in because of the increased population.   The highest Nielsen rating ever for a Super Bowl was in 1982 when the Bengals and 49ers drew a 49.1.

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