Early Season NFL Online Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL online betting during the early part of the season is unpredictable.

Many times people involved in NFL betting will rely far too much on last year’s data and that means upsets will occur. If you want to win during the early part of the NFL online betting season you really don’t want to look too much at last year’s data.

NFL online betting begins by looking at last year’s results but not in the way you might believe. What a gambler wants to do before a season starts is to look at teams that are coming off a great season the year before that may fall and look at teams that should improve from the previous season in NFL betting.   Gamblers that can identify these teams early will have a definite advantage against the NFL betting oddsmakers. Surprise teams are much like stocks.  By the time the market has corrected and the true value of a stock is known, it is too late to do anything with it to make money in NFL online betting.

There is no better potential for a gambler to take advantage of early in the NFL online betting season than to look at which teams came too far too fast the previous season.  This is really true with NFL online betting. If you see a team that went from 4 or 5 wins to 10 or 11 wins in a single season it is very possible they will regress the next year in NFL online betting. Conversely, you might see a team that fell from 10 or 11 wins to 6 or 7 wins. It is very possible in NFL online betting that this team will rebound back to form.

This happens all the time in NFL online betting. A team does great one year and falls apart the next season. The Oakland Raiders went all the way to the Super Bowl against Tampa Bay and fell apart the next season. They were a team that came too far, too fast. There are examples of this every single season in NFL online betting. If you can identify the teams in advance then you can start off the season ahead of the NFL online betting oddsmakers and the public and make money during the early part of the NFL betting season.

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