Early Odds on Super Bowl XLIX – Patriots vs. Seahawks

January 21st, 2015 NFL Football

NFL logo painted on football fieldThe Super Bowl XLIX comes our way on Sunday, the 1st of February, 2015, at 8PM ET. The Big Game will be played at the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona and will be televised on ESPN TV. The opening Vegas odds have the game as a PK with the O/U at 48 ½ with no early money line available.

With two teams that play in a pass-first league it is very likely that this Super Bowl could be a football game that is won on the ground. One reason for that belief is that the reigning Super Bowl Champions who advanced to their 2nd consecutive Super Bowl appearance with their amazing comeback win over the Green Bay Packers, is a team that has the lowest ranked passing game at 27th , that has made it to a Super Bowl. Actually, they broke their own ranking in that category which last year was a record low 26th in passing, which had been the lowest in NFL. But with a win in this Super Bowl the Seahawks could make an historical achievement, by being the very 1st team since back in 1985 (Chicago Bears) to win an NFL Super Bowl after leading their league in the rushing category during their NFL regular season games. Thus, if would be difficult to tell the Seahawks, that the NFL is no longer a running offensively league.

Possibly you can tell that to the Patriots who with QB Brady who has thrown in their 2 postseason games some 593 yards, and this year passed the 4,000 yards passing in a regular season for his 7th career time. However, the Patriots have demonstrated that they can run the ball when they have to, and now with the Seahawks superior pass defense, this just may be one of those games where they might need to run the ball.

Looking back Green Bay played Seattle with an injured QB Rodgers, and they knew they need to run the ball, as Seattle also was aware of that. However, the Packers rushed for 135 yards thanks to the talent of RB Lacy and his Physical style. Also the Panthers in their game with Seattle were able to rush on 31 carries for 132 total yards. Thus, if Green Bay’s offensive staff should certainly see the opportunities of running the ball against the Seahawks, especially if their reviewing the previous game tapes.

Thus, the Patriots should like their opportunities for running the ball, since the offensive line was able to provide their RB Blount space to run against the Colts using his unique physical style as he had 30 carries for 148 yards, which tied him in the NFL for the 3rd most attempts rushing in the last 10 years in a playoff game.

It’s understandable that running game is not how it’s suppose to be, since in the past few decades it’s been a passing game with high scores. This also is the first Super Bowl in the last 9 Bowl games that neither team ranked in the 5 top for passing yards during the regular NFL season.

So we think this game will be won with the offensive ground game, and the Patriots best not think they can win this game as they did against the Ravens in the divisional round game, when they only rushed for 14 total yards in the game. That won’t happen with the Seattle Quinn defense. That also holds true for Seattle whose game in the passing lane, is best when RB Lynch is running over defensive men and QB Wilson is running the option. That, plus the game in reality had no 1st flight receivers, and the biggest receiver threat to either defense in the Patriots TE Gronkowski, and he also is not a receiver who has regular 100 yard games.

Thus, if you bet on NFL at SBG Global, it’s going to be back to the ground, and offensive rushing game in the XLIX Super Bowl, and a game that will test the team desires, and present a great battle in the trenches, and should in the end be another very exciting football game.

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