Early Game Superbowl Props

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl props for Super Bowl XLIII include a large number of options for gamblers to consider.

These props begin with the opening coin toss and continue right through the end of the game.  Let’s take a look at some of the early game Super Bowl odds and props.

Superbowl props begin with the opening coin toss.  With many Super Bowl odds and props you will find that it is a 50-50 chance.  This means each side will lay an equal amount of money in Superbowl props.  You can bet on who will win the coin toss and you can bet on whether it will be heads or tails.  You can bet on which team will receive the opening kick off in the game as part of Superbowl props.  The Cardinals are the -180 favorite in Super Bowl odds.  The prop on which team will kick off is similar to the receiving prop with the Super Bowl odds favoring the Steelers in that wager.

Another one of the early Superbowl props is which team will score first.  The Steelers are -150.  The team to get the first 1st down is part of early Superbowl props and the Cardinals are the -145 favorite based on the likelihood of them getting the ball first.  A similar prop is the team to punt first as the Cardinals are the -165 favorite.  A few of the 50-50 Superbowl props are the team to get the first penalty, the team to use the coaches challenge first and the team to use the first timeout.

The Steelers are the favorite to get the first QB sack in the game and they are favored to get the first interception.  The Steelers are favored in Superbowl props to make the first field goal in the game and surprisingly are also favored to be the first team to miss the first field goal.

Another of the popular Superbowl props is what the first score of the game will be.  A touchdown is the -180 favorite.  You can take that prop and individualize it with Superbowl props on what type of score each team will have first, with the touchdown the favorite.

Early in the game you can bet on what will happen first for both teams, whether it will be a punt or a score.  The punt is the favorite for both teams.  You can also bet on what the first turnover of the game will be, with the interception the -155 favorite.  You might also want to bet on what will be the first offensive play of the game with a running play a slight favorite.

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