Football Betting Online: Each Week of the Preseason

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online varies throughout the course of the online American football betting season.

The preseason is different from the regular season, which, in turn, is different from the postseason. However, even within the few short weeks of the preseason, gamblers must take different approaches to football betting online because coaches themselves approach online American football betting differently during those same weeks.

Football betting online during the first couple of weeks of the preseason is seen by many online American football betting fans as quite boring. Some gamblers seem to think this because most teams tend to give their starters very limited playing minutes during the first few preseason matchups. This way, the coaches can help to prevent top players from getting injured. Naturally, this impacts online American football betting, because gamblers who engage in football betting online during the preseason find themselves wagering on mostly backup players. In preseason football betting online, gamblers often see that final scores are pretty low. This happens because teams are not using their offensive playmakers.

Nevertheless, during the final weeks of the preseason, and especially during the last preseason game, coaches often play their starters for more minutes. This increase in playing time is so that the starters will be fully prepared for Week 1 of the regular season. For football betting online, this different approach to Week 4 of the preseason is significant. With more starters playing more time, Week 4 becomes a little more like football betting online during the regular season. This doesn’t mean that Week 4 of the preseason is just like football betting online during regular season. It’s just a transition from one football betting online strategy to the next. Because more starters play longer, the final scores in Week 4 of the preseason tend to be higher than in the previous weeks. At this point, gamblers who were favoring the under when football betting online during the early preseason may need to switch up their game and start to look for the over in Week 4. Also, some gamblers enjoy football betting online on underdogs early in the preseason, because the games are so hard to predict and the underdogs have the benefit of the point spread. But by Week 4 the games become slightly more predictable, so blindly choosing the underdogs loses much of its appeal.

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