Don’t Forget NFL Playoffs Betting Odds Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL playoffs betting odds for many gamblers involves only looking at sides.

Some bettors that want to set themselves apart from the public choose to look at NFL playoffs totals.  There are some advantages to NFL playoffs betting odds totals that we want to consider today as well as some important considerations that should go into the handicapping of NFL playoffs betting odds totals.

NFL playoffs betting odds in terms of sides are more popular than totals.  Most every NFL bettor looks at the side first and the total second, or not at all.  That can be to the advantage of the astute NFL bettor though.  Anytime something is given less attention it is to the advantage of the bettor.  The first thing to remember when looking at NFL playoffs betting odds in terms of totals is that the oddsmaker has the same basic information you have.  That means you aren’t going to gain much of an edge by looking at obvious NFL playoffs handicapping factors.  You have to remember that if it is snowing or raining that the oddsmaker and the public will be aware of the weather.  One factor that the oddsmaker rarely takes into account though in terms of the weather is the wind.  Many NFL coaches have said that the wind is often more of a factor than the rain or snow because it slows down the passing game.  You will not see the oddsmaker lower NFL playoffs betting odds because of the wind.  That is an area you may be able to find an edge in regarding NFL playoffs betting odds totals.

You also need to remember that very often the obvious things don’t always happen with NFL playoffs betting odds totals.  The NFL playoff odds have been set accordingly and you need to remember that.  You are better off considering past matchups, recent play and other intangibles instead of just blindly looking at points scored and points against.  That is not enough when betting NFL playoffs betting odds totals.

As you bet the NFL playoffs remember to stay away from the obvious.  Don’t get caught up in the public hype about two great offenses or two great defenses and don’t overreact to the weather.  In the NFL playoffs usually you will find better plays by looking at little bit deeper than the average player.  The obvious plays won’t win enough for you to make money and that is still your goal when betting NFL playoffs betting odds totals, so do the research and you can uncover some good NFL playoffs betting odds totals information.

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