Different Types of Online NFL Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting lines involve many different options for gamblers to enjoy.

Some people like to focus their gambling expertise on just one or two types of NFL betting lines while others like the wide variety. Online NFL betting for most people involves the pointspread. The pointspread betting lines are for “side” wagers in which a gambler chooses one team or the other in a matchup. Pointspread betting lines would read, for example, Kansas City -6/Oakland +6. This means that bettors taking Kansas City would take -6 points and bettors taking Oakland would take +6 points. Each bettor would lay out ten-percent vigorish which means that in order to win one-hundred-dollars the gambler would bet one-hundred-ten-dollars or the 11/10 equivalent.

Another set of online NFL betting lines that are frequently used are known as money lines. Instead of laying points, the gambler simply bets odds based on a straight up winner. A typical online NFL betting money line would read something like Kansas City -260/Oakland +220. This means that bettors on Kansas City would lay -$260 to win $100. Online NFL betting gamblers on Oakland would bet a straight $100 to win $240. Many gamblers love the online NFL betting money line because there is no pointspread and all they have to do is pick the straight up winner.

Another popular set of online NFL betting lines are over/under, also known as totals. Over/under online NFL betting lines are simply a number set by the NFL betting oddsmakers that gamblers will wager on either being surpassed (over) or not (under) by the combined score of the two teams involved in a game. Over/under online NFL betting lines would read such as Kansas City/Oakland 42. Bettors could then bet the combined score in this matchup either going over or under 42. As with pointspread/side online NFL betting lines, there is a ten-percent vig on each bet.

Other online NFL betting lines include what are known as “futures” in which a gambler can guess the amount of wins a team will achieve for a season, or bet on odds for a team to win the Super Bowl.

Proposition, “prop” online NFL betting lines offer gamblers even more unique opportunities such as how many yards a player will throw or run for, etc. With the different types of NFL betting lines out there, the gambling possibilities and excitement are endless and offer something for everyone!

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