Defense Wins in Super Bowl Wagering

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl wagering can involve looking at a lot of trends and statistics but oftentimes the only thing that matters is the defense.

Most of the time in Super Bowl wagering the team with the better defense wins versus the Super Bowl odds. Let’s look at some facts about defenses and how they affect the results in Super Bowl wagering.

Super Bowl wagering facts tell us that in 1985 the Chicago Bears set the standard for defenses. They rolled in that year’s Super Bowl by a score of 46-10 against the New England Patriots. Defenses that ranked #1 in the NFL since 1985 won the Super Bowl a total of six times. The teams that allowed the fewer number of points during the regular season between the two teams in the Super Bowl wins over 85% of the time as Super Bowl wagering facts tell us.

If you want to win in Super Bowl wagering this year just take the team with the better defense. Does it always work versus the Super bowl odds? No. But it sure does work a lot of the time in Super Bowl wagering. One exception was in Super Bowl XLI when the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears and covered the Super Bowl wagering pointspread. The Bears had the better defense but their offense was weak. That was definitely a rare exception when the better defense didn’t win in Super Bowl wagering.

Offense gets all of the publicity when it comes to Super Bowl wagering but history has shown that most of the time the defense wins the game. Even when the Colts won the Super Bowl it was their defense that shined. During the regular season the Colts had a poor defense but during the playoffs they turned it around. It has been said in football betting that defense wins Championships and in Super Bowl wagering that is definitely true. As you look at Super Bowl odds this season remember to look at the team with the better defense. They are definitely worth a wager in Super Bowl odds.

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