Defense Wins for you in Football Gambling

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling wins are easier to come by if you wager on teams with a good defense.

The three things to look at when deciding upon which games to bet in football gambling online action are the coach, the quarterback, and perhaps most important of all, the defense. Let’s take a look at the defense factor in football gambling.

Football gambling odds are very competitive and parity is the rule of the day. A coach can often make a difference of several games in the standings because of his influence, the quarterback can really give you a big edge, but it is the defense that oftentimes will win you money in football gambling online action.

Since many games in football gambling are going to be competitive, defenses can be the big key to victory. Defense has always been an ingredient for championship football teams and that has not changed, nor has it changed with football gambling online success. A good defense is perhaps the critical part of the overall handicapping process for the football gambling bettor to consider. Just look at past Super Bowl champions to see how important defense is in the NFL and in football gambling.

In all sports, not just the pro football, defense is critical to a team’s overall success. It is also a factor you should take into consideration as you look at the NFL football gambling odds. Just don’t blindly go with the high powered offenses and ignore the stout defenses in football gambling online action. Very often the great offense will get stopped in its tracks by the superior defense. Can you identify the better defense before the game begins with your football gambling? Yes you can. And while it doesn’t guarantee you a victory in football gambling, you rarely want to be on the worse defense in a game. Having a defense is definitely important for success, not only to the team, but to the intelligent football gambling bettor. Hopefully you will not ignore the defenses the next time you make your football gambling wager.

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