Cowboys Looking to Keep the Prescott-Train Rolling

October 2nd, 2019 NFL Football

With this past weekend’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the New England Patriots have essentially lost their title as NFL betting favorites. Now, that title belongs to 2016’s breakout team, the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys had decent expectations coming into the season, but a preseason injury to Tony Romo began to raise doubts about this team’s imminent success. Looking back in hindsight, it’s clear that Romo’s injury is by far the best thing that could have happened for the Cowboys. With Romo on the bench, Dak Prescott stepped in and rose to the challenge of being the quarterback for America’s team, arguably the most coveted position in professional sports. But Prescott didn’t even bat an eye and behind both his and fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot’s impressive efforts, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves at 8-1.

In Week 11, the Cowboys will be tasked with facing the 5-4 Baltimore Ravens. Considering how dominant the Cowboys have been this season, they are likely to come into this game as the favorite and will likely prove themselves worthy of your bet on NFL games once more.

NFL Odds – Week 11 –- Sunday, November 20th 

Baltimore Ravens +7 (-105) 44½ (-110)
Dallas Cowboys -7 (-115) 44½ (-110)

Just like fans would expect, the NFL betting odds are siding with the Dallas Cowboys. After losing the first game of the season against the Giants, the Cowboys decided to buckle down and win 8 consecutive football games. Behind Prescott’s 2,339 yards passing, and Elliott’s 1,005 yards rushing, the Cowboys have become an unstoppable force and are all but guaranteed a playoff berth. Next up on Dallas’ road to the playoffs are the Ravens, can Baltimore’s defense halt the seemingly unstoppable Cowboys?

Luckily enough for Baltimore, the Ravens have one of the most formidable defenses in the entire NFL. Year in and year out it always seems like the Ravens have one of the best defenses and this year is no exception. Heading into Week 11, the Ravens have the 5th best passing defense, the No. 1 run defense, and the No. 1 total defense. Behind such impressive efforts, the Ravens are giving up the 3rd least amount of points per contest. The Ravens’ squad might be the best defensive unit that Dallas has faced all season long, but if there is anything to learn about this year’s Cowboys is that they are more than capable of rising up to the occasion.

Unfortunately for the Ravens, the Cowboys defense is much better than Baltimore’s offense. Right now the Ravens rank below 20th in every important offensive statistic. Meanwhile, the Cowboys defense is 3rd against the run, 21st against the pass, and they have the 12th best total defense in the NFL. The Ravens defense may be able to slow down the Cowboys, but it’s hard to imagine the Ravens running up the scoreboard against Dallas. If both teams play the way they have been, the Cowboys are the obvious NFL betting favorite this Sunday.

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