Crabtree Threat Overblown Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds tell us that the threat made by Michael Crabtree to sit out the 2009 season is overblown.

The San Francisco 49ers are hoping to get their top pick signed and into camp but the NFL odds on San Francisco are not likely to be affected one way or another. The 49ers open up the preseason next Friday as they are three point NFL odds favorites over Denver.

Football odds at the sportsbook on San Francisco has them a longshot, both in the NFC and in their own division.  Arizona and Seattle are considered the favorites in the NFC West with the 49ers the third choice in football odds.  San Francisco is a real longshot in NFL odds to win the Super Bowl.

Football odds news came out on Thursday about Crabtree’s cousin saying that Crabtree was willing to sit out the entire 2009 season and re-enter the NFL draft next season.  Football odds information tells us that Crabtree’s agent, Eugene Parker has since downplayed that threat.  He was quoted as saying, "I’m not a guy who makes threats, nor am I a guy who negotiates in the public. I don’t know where this came from, but no such threat has been made."

The 49ers took Crabtree with the 10th pick in the NFL draft as football odds show.  The #7 pick, Darrius Heyward-Bey signed with the Raiders for $38 million as sports betting info tells us but most people don’t believe Heyward-Bey is nearly as good as Crabtree. That is the problem for the 49ers and for Crabtree as football odds indicate. NFL rookies get paid based on their draft positions as football odds stats show, not their supposed talent.  Crabtree is said to be looking for more money than Heyward-Bey got as football odds numbers tell us, and that is simply not very likely.

Football odds tell us that the 49ers are not worrying about Crabtree, although they would like to see him in camp. "I’m really, really excited about him as a football player and what he will bring to our team," head coach Mike Singletary said, "When he gets here, we’ll be excited. But from the business side of it, his agent and our negotiator have to work it out."

The 49ers have enough wide receivers on the team so that they don’t feel pressure as football odds tells us to sign Crabtree.  Rarely in the NFL will a player sit out an entire season of NFL odds so look for Crabtree and his agent to work out something with the 49ers fairly soon.

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