Control Your Losses versus Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds are all about wins and losses. The more losses you can eliminate from your football odds wagering the more money you will make.

Many times as you look at NFL betting odds you will see gamblers having a tough time. Unfortunately, far too many gamblers having a tough day do exactly what they should not do which is to bet even more money.

Football odds are so seductive that it is easy to get carried away. Let’s look at a gambler who took big losses on the morning and afternoon college football games with his picks versus the football odds.  The featured evening televised games are about to start and this gambler is furious that all of his hard work at handicapping the day’s football odds didn’t pay off and he wants to get even and dig out of the hole.  Many gamblers in this situation will rationalize to themselves that they are good at betting football odds and that their luck has to change. There are no guarantees at winning with football picks against the football odds.  Yet struggling gamblers will convince themselves into wagering on games that they normally decided to pass on because they are in desperate need of a bail out win versus the football odds.

Oftentimes when a gambler starts to slump and lose a lot of his football picks against the NFL betting odds, he will start to make wagers on football picks that he originally considered weak but, in addition to that stupidity, he will increase his wager amounts versus the football odds. Many gamblers will make things worse by betting parlays and teasers and halftime bets versus the football odds that they normally would avoid.  This gambler will turn a bad situation into a disaster that will make things worse versus the football odds.

There is no justification to this stupidity and yet too many gamblers lose control and go on tilt versus college and NFL betting odds.  It is similar to poker betting where a player suffers a bad beat and then loses all perspective and starts playing every hand.  The same thing happens versus the NFL betting odds.  You must control yourself and not be one of those players that loses control and goes on tilt.

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