Consider Parity when you make NFL Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets are going to be made each season and many of them are going to be decided by just a few points.

The National Football League is all about parity and equality. Since there is very little difference between the teams and most of the pro football betting line is based on public perception and home field, the dog is often a value and bargain for gamblers willing to go that way.

NFL bets made on the underdog are not as popular as NFL bets on the favorite in pro football betting. Contrary to popular myth and opinion though, the dog is not always the weaker of the two teams in pro football betting. Most of the time the dog is installed that way based on public perception rather than true merits. If you have a matchup of two equal teams for example, the home team usually will lay three points as a customary handicap with NFL bets. That means that the equal team is getting, in essence, free points. That is an edge against the house in NFL bets. Now just think if the lesser of the two teams is the chalk, only because they are the host. Now you really have a bargain and it happens a lot in pro football betting.

Another important factor to take into account as you make NFL bets is the mainstream gambling public. When making NFL bets, the masses tend to gravitate towards the home chalk as it simply fits their comfort zone. They really aren’t even thinking. It’s as if it is a reflex on their part to take the home team. Much of it has to do with the myth of “home field advantage” although that has been proven to often be just that, a myth as it applies to NFL bets.

Since the oddsmakers know that the masses prefer the home chalk when making NFL bets they raise the prices on these teams, simply as a reaction to consumer demand. This means that the consistent value is with the road dog, which oftentimes is getting more points than they actually should, since the masses are not comfortable taking underdogs with NFL bets.

In a league in which so many games are between teams with similar abilities you want to avoid laying points whenever possible with your NFL bets.

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