Competitive Pro Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl odds are almost always very competitive with one team or the other favored by about a field goal.

The Pro Bowl betting odds are similar in many respects to a preseason game because it is hard to predict who will play and for how long.

Pro Bowl odds oftentimes have the total much higher than you normally would see in a regular season game because neither team plays as hard on defense. It is kind of like hockey or basketball but not quite as bad since at least the defense tries in the Pro Bowl.

If you go back into Pro Bowl odds history you will find out just how competitive it has been.  The NFC leads the all-time series 20-19 after last year’s win in Pro Bowl odds. The NFC won last year’s game in Pro Bowl betting by a score of 30-21 as Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals was named the MVP.

This year there will be a huge difference in Pro Bowl betting.  Normally the best players for both teams will be in Pro Bowl odds with some exceptions. This year there are going to be a lot of exceptions. Since Pro Bowl odds will be featured the week before the Super Bowl, the two teams in the Super Bowl will not have their players in the game. This is the first time in three decades that Pro Bowl betting will be featured in the continental United States. Normally the game is in Hawaii but not this year as the game will be played at the site of the Super Bowl, one week before the game.  Pro Bowl odds will return to Hawaii for the next two seasons.

The NFL is really unsure how the Pro Bowl being in Miami the week before the Super Bowl is going to work out. They are hopeful that people will want to see the Pro Bowl. “The Pro Bowl is really meant to be open to everyone, and the whole idea was to bring more fans to the Pro Bowl and more fans to the stadium than we’ve ever been able to do," said Frank Supovitz, the NFL’s senior vice president for events. "So economically, we don’t see that being a conflict. We see that as a great positive."  The NFL will be voting later this month on what to do with the 2013 game and it could be at the Super Bowl site again. "All options are on the table as far as where the Pro Bowl goes and whether it lives in the same city or not as the Super Bowl," Supovitz said.

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