Common Opponents in Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds tell us that the Pittsburgh Steelers are favored by a touchdown over the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

As you make your Super Bowl Odds choices you might want to look at a factor that won’t get a lot of publicity but could be important. That factor in Super Bowl odds is common opponents.

Super Bowl odds information shows that the Steelers and the Cardinals both faced the New England Patriots this season. Head coach Bill Belichick is a former Super Bowl champion and his opinion is worth considering as you wager on Super Bowl odds. The Steelers routed the Patriots 33-10 this season while New England destroyed Arizona 47-7 as Super Bowl odds information shows. “The team that takes care of the ball and doesn’t give up big plays is going to win,” Belichick said, “Both teams are capable of big plays so that could happen at any time.”

A total of four other teams played both Arizona and Pittsburgh this season as Super Bowl odds stats show. Super Bowl betting information tells us that those teams were the Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. Washington head coach Jim Zorn said that a big key for the Steelers is getting pressure on Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner. New York offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said that instead of blitzing Warner the Steelers should play coverage. The Giants defeated the Cardinals 37-29 this season as Super Bowl odds information shows and Gilbride believes that Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger could have a day similar to what Eli Manning had when he threw for three touchdowns.

Super Bowl betting stats show that Pittsburgh defeated Dallas 20-13, Washington 23-6 and lost 21-14 to the New York Giants and 15-6 to the Philadelphia Eagles. Super Bowl odds numbers tell us that the Cardinals lost 37-29 to the Giants, 48-20 to the Eagles, 24-17 to Washington and they defeated the Cowboys 30-24. Arizona also defeated the Eagles 32-25 in the playoffs as Super Bowl odds stats indicate.

What do common opponents tell us in Super Bowl odds?  In this case the Steelers split against the four teams going 2-2 as Super Bowl odds stats show. Arizona went 1-3 in the regular season as Super Bowl betting stats indicate and they defeated Philadelphia when the teams met for the second time in the NFC Championship game.

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