Common Internet Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Internet football betting for many gamblers begins on Saturday and continues all the way through the weekend, ending with Monday Night Football NFL betting.

Unfortunately, many gamblers that get involved in football betting are not prepared to last the weekend, let alone the entire season.

Internet football betting gamblers do a lot of things the same. The typical football betting gambler will have a similar routine. The first problem for many bettors as they look at the football betting weekend is bankroll. If you want to bet $50 a game, then you sure need more than a $200 bankroll. It really should be $1000 or more. Most Internet football betting gamblers don’t have the proper bankroll but let’s see what can be done with just the $200 bankroll. Many gamblers will make an early $50 play on Saturday and then another $50 in small parlays. The $50 early play is okay but the parlays are a problem in Internet football betting. That is $50 in $10 parlays that was wasted. That $50 could have been put on a straight bet in Internet football betting. Also, remember that $50 out of a $200 bankroll is 25%. That is a huge percentage of the Internet football betting bankroll.

The other major problem that many football betting players run into on a typical weekend is that they have no plan. Many Internet football betting gamblers will lose early, screw around with parlays and try to bail out late. That is a typical weekend for many bettors. Instead of going at the weekend with no plan why not try and lay out 4-6 games for the weekend and play them all for the same amount? Let’s say you are getting ready for the weekend of Internet football betting. Play two or three games on Saturday, two or three on Sunday and then perhaps the Monday night game in Internet football betting. This is a maximum of 7 games. Your goal is to go 4-3 and make money in Internet football betting. Yes, you might do better and go 5-2 or maybe you go 3-4. But if you make all of these Internet football betting wagers in advance, you have a plan of attack and have a chance to win money.

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