Colts Sign Kicker Matt Stover NFL Lines

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

NFL lines are likely to favor the Indianapolis Colts in most every game this season even though they lost their starting kicker Adam Vinatieri to injury.

To replace him the team signed veteran Matt Stover.  The NFL betting odds on the Colts will not be affected by the new signing since Stover is a proven NFL kicker with a lot of experience.

NFL lines have the Colts with a bye this week.  Vinatieri is considered one of the best kickers in NFL history but Stover is definitely no slouch.  Vinatieri made a short field goal to close out the Colts rout of Tennessee in NFL lines and didn’t appear to be hurt.  The Colts did not place him on injured reserve so the team hopes he is back this NFL betting odds season.  Vinatieri is one kicker that teams want so the Colts will want to keep him on the roster until he is recovered from his injury.

Online sports betting indicated that the Colts won’t lose much with Stover.  He started his career in 1991 with the Cleveland Browns and then moved with the team to Baltimore in 1996.  He was superb on field goals throughout his career but his kickoffs are short and his range is not what it once was.  The Colts may choose to let punter Pat McAfee handle kickoffs as NFL lines info shows.

The Colts have a bye in NFL lines this week. They will play next week where they will be heavily favored in NFL lines at St. Louis. The Colts have started the season superbly at 5-0 and they are a serious force in NFL betting odds.  The Colts were not expected to be nearly this good in NFL lines but quarterback Peyton Manning looks better than ever.  The Colts were not one of the Super Bowl favorites in NFL lines but that has changed. They are now right with the New England Patriots in NFL lines. The Patriots have suffered two losses but they still get a lot of respect in NFL betting odds.  The Colts are unbeaten but they don’t have quite as high a profile as Indianapolis.

The Colts will be a team to watch in NFL lines throughout the season. It is very likely they will go to 6-0 after next week’s online sports betting game at St. Louis where they are expected to win in NFL lines.

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