Choosing the Money Line in NFL Betting

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

The betting money line is definitely an interesting option to consider when you are betting on NFL football this season.

NFL betting money lines are an option for gamblers that don’t like laying the points. Instead of laying points when betting on NFL football, the money line makes you lay more money. You can also get plus money instead of points if you choose the underdog in NFL betting.

NFL betting money lines offer a solid alternative to the pointspread in which gamblers can bet on a straight up basis in which they lay odds on the favorite or take odds on the dog, with no pointspread involved at all. NFL betting money lines appeal to both professional and public bettors. The professionals will look to bet some money line favorites in NFL betting while public bettors will look to take underdogs. Gamblers betting on NFL football that take the favorite in NFL betting money lines can avoid backdoor covers. For example, if the San Diego Chargers led the Denver Broncos 17-7 late in the 4th quarter as 7.5-point favorites but Denver kicked a field goal to make the final score 17-10 Denver, the Chargers got the “backdoor cover” with that late kick. The money line winner on the game though in NFL betting would have been San Diego. Yes, you probably laid out -360 or more on the money line on the Chargers but you won the bet, unlike those NFL betting gamblers that laid the points.

In that example if you had San Diego at -360 it means you would risk $36 for every $10 you wanted to win on the Chargers on the NFL betting money line. If you liked the Broncos as you were betting on NFL football you might get +300 on the money line return. Now you will notice that there is a sixty-cent spread in our NFL betting example and you may be wondering, “Why isn’t Denver +$340?” The difference is the “vig” that the sportsbooks will collect from the losing bettors for handling the action. NFL betting money lines range from twenty-cent lines on closer games to sixty, seventy, or more on anticipated blowout games.

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