Choosing NFL Bets or College Bets

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets and college football bets are not the same.

Looking at the pro football betting odds is different than looking at college betting odds and the handicapping parameters are also different. Let’s look at college and NFL bets.

NFL bets involve only 32 teams while college football bets involve about a 120 teams. You will also find that handicapping the NFL is different than college football because the turnover is less. When looking at college football you have to take into consideration the fact that teams change every year because of graduation. Pro football betting odds really don’t have as much volatility and that is important to remember when making NFL bets.

In addition to those factors you also have the emotion factor of college football. There is a lot of emotion in the college game, whereas the NFL game is more professional and more businesslike most of the time. This impacts the handicapping and your NFL bets.

The college football regular season also presents far more betting odds opportunities than NFL bets and it is a much more intense game on a week to week basis because the games mean more. Just one loss might ruin a team’s season in college football, but that is not the case in the NFL.

There is also a big talent discrepancy between certain college football teams than is the case in the NFL. You won’t see a 30 point favorite in the NFL with NFL bets. In fact you rarely see double-digit pro football betting favorites when making NFL bets.

College football also offers greater strategic differences than NFL action, and that makes for interesting college and NFL bets. Some college football teams run the ball on almost every play while others throw almost every down. Nearly all pro football teams run the same offenses with some slight differences. That is not the case in college football.

NFL bets are different than college bets and simply knowing this fact will help you this football season. You have to approach the two sports differently and look at college and pro football betting odds differently. If you can do this one thing, you have already made progress with your NFL bets this season.

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