Choices in Football Odds

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds present you with a number of great choices for your wagers.

You have the popular sides and parlays but there are other options as well in including totals, money lines, teasers, halftimes and propositions. Let’s look at some of these choices in NFL odds.

Football odds sides are easy enough to understand but many people forget all about over/unders, also known as totals.  Over/under football odds consist of a gambler wagering on the combined score of a football game going either over or under the football odds.  For example, if the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have a posted over/under total of 42 in football odds, gamblers can either bet that the two teams combined score will either go over or under that total of 42.

Another form of football odds that is gaining in popularity is the teaser.  Teasers are similar to parlays except that the pointspread is adjusted anywhere from six to ten points more in your favor.  Gamblers then take anywhere from two to ten teams with these adjusted football odds on their teaser bets.  As is the case with parlays, a gambler must win all of his teaser selections for the bet to win in football odds.  

Propositions are another popular form of football odds, particularly for marquee games such as Monday Night Football.  Gamblers can chose different props on these games by wagering on such items as which team will score first, which player will score first, will the first score be a touchdown or field goal, how many sacks will a team have, how many yards will a player gain, etc. Gamblers really get excited about NFL odds and propositions during the Super Bowl as props are huge.

Halftime betting is another form of football odds and with the convenience of sportsbooks they are becoming more popular.  Gamblers can look at halftime lines and possibly get an advantage over the sportsbook simply for the fact that the NFL odds have to be made so quickly. Halftime betting presents bettors with unique opportunities and some professional players make money betting halftime NFL odds.

Take a look at all of the different choices you have in football odds today.

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