Check Angles when making NFL Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets can oftentimes be made more successfully by checking out angles or trends that apply to the game.

When looking over the pro football betting schedule each week there are several good handicapping angles that a gambler can take into account to gain an edge when making NFL bets.

NFL bets can have a lot of angles to consider. The first pro football betting angle we want to look at for making NFL bets is the “peek ahead” theory. This is when a team has a big game on deck the following week while playing a far lower profile type game in the immediate. For example, if the Dallas Cowboys are playing a game against an average team out of their division with a home game against the arch rival Washington Redskins on deck for the following week, they may be looking ahead and play distracted football as their minds could be on their eager anticipation of what is ahead.

Another angle to look at when making NFL bets is the “hangover” affect. This is when a team is coming off an emotional game from the previous week and now is playing a more low profile type game. For example, in our Cowboys/Redskins example again, if the Cowboys were upset at home by the Redskins, they may well be down emotionally in their next game.

Along those same lines of a “hangover” affect, some teams may score a phenomenal Monday Night win in NFL bets and have nothing left in the tank for their next game on a short week of preparation time. A team may also be down for suffering a heartbreaking loss on Monday Night or another high profile type of game and be a good go-against in NFL bets.

Then there is the beaten favorite angle in NFL bets. This is when a quality team is coming off a sloppy game and or upset loss and is chomping at the bit to get back into action to right themselves in their next game. A quality team can be of great value when making NFL bets not only because of their own incentives, but also because the fickle pro football betting public will likely not be interested in wagering on them, which enhances their pro football betting board value.

There are always angles to consider when making NFL bets. From the letdown to the look ahead, angles can be important parts of handicapping your NFL bets.

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