Can the Pack Bounce Back Against the Colts?

October 8th, 2019 NFL Football

Can the Pack bounce back against the Colts? Coming into the 2016 season, there wasn’t a sportsbook in sight that didn’t have the Green Bay Packers listed as one of the top 3 favorites to win this year’s Super Bowl. Now that we’re halfway through the season, it’s clear that the Packers might not be the ones hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year. Although at times the Packers have appeared to be legitimate title contenders, the majority of the time Green Bay has been plagued by miscommunication and missed opportunities. Coupled with the list of injuries that keeps piling up, and the Packers will be lucky if they’re able to make the playoffs with a Wild Card.

This past weekend Green Bay engaged in a heated contest with the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta houses the best passing offense in the league and this past Sunday Matt Ryan proved to be the better man. This upcoming weekend Aaron Rodgers will have to face off with another of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks, Andrew Luck. Let’s see who the sportsbooks are siding with on this one.

NFL Odds – Week 9 – Sunday, November 6th

Green Bay Packers +7 (-105) 54 (-110)
Indianapolis Colts -7 (-115) 54 (-110)

Considering how poor the Colts have been this season, it’s no surprise to see the Packers coming in as 7-point favorites. Currently the Packers are 4-3 and this Sunday they should prove reliable for a bet on NFL money lines. Critics had begun to question Aaron Rodgers abilities as a quarterback, which was only natural considering how poor the Packers’ offense had been early in the season. But now it seems that the two-time MVP is back to his usual self.

In his last two outings Rodgers has been putting up great numbers, including four touchdowns this past weekend against Atlanta. Albeit, Rodgers had a chance to lead a game winning drive late in the game, but failed to do so. The Falcons defense is mediocre and seeing their hallowed quarterback fail to deliver a 4th quarter comeback does little to a Packer fan base that is quickly losing hope in their team. Rodgers had a great game, but the veteran quarterback failed to deliver when it was most needed.

Despite the fact that the Packers have the better record, the Colts offense is much better than the Packers, statistically speaking. Offensively, Indianapolis ranks within the top half of the league, while the Packers find themselves somewhere around 20th. Defensively the opposite is true. The Colts defense ranks near the bottom of the NFL, while the Packers defense ranks in the top half –  and even in the top ten in some cases.  With this in mind, sportsbook fans can expect Aaron Rodgers to have another breakout game. All in all, the Colts should be an easy team for the Packers to bounce back against.

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