Can Brady Continue Pats’ Madden NFL Betting SB Streak?

Pats’ Madden NFL betting Super Bowl streakQuick question for NFL betting fans; did you know that no football player who has been featured on a Madden NFL cover has won that year's Super Bowl until Rob Gronkowski broke the “curse” in 2017? ESPN just reported that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been selected to be on the cover of Madden NFL 18. This only makes him the oldest player to appear on the cover of the EA Sports game, but also saddles him with the responsibility to continue the legacy started by the Gronk. 

Year: 2001
Cover: Eddie George
Cover player's team: The Titans lost the Divisional Playoffs to the Ravens.
Daunte Culpepper
The Vikings did not qualify to the playoffs.
Marshall Faulk
The Rams did not reach the postseason.
Michael Vick
The Falcons failed to make it to the playoffs.
Ray Lewis
The Ravens did not qualify to the postseason.
Donovan McNabb
The Eagles did not make it to the playoffs.
Shaun Alexander
The Seahawks beat the Cowboys in the wild card round but lost the divisional playoffs to the Bears.
Vince Young 
The Titans lost the wild card playoffs to the Chargers.
Brett Favre
The Packers failed to make the postseason.
Troy Polamalu, Larry Fitzgerald.
The Steelers did not reach the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Cardinals defeated the Packers in the wild card round but lost to the Saints in the divisional playoffs.
Drew Brees
The Saints lost in the wild card round to the Seahawks.
Peyton Hillis
The Browns did not make the playoffs, which will hardly surprise NFL betting fans.
Calvin Johnson Jr
The Lions failed to reach the postseason.
Barry Sanders
The Lions failed to reach the postseason again.
Richard Sherman
The ‘Hawks beat the Panthers in the divisional playoffs and the Packers in the NFC championship but lost Super Bowl XLIX to the Patriots.
Odell Beckham Jr.
The Giants did not make the playoffs.
Rob Gronkowski
The Patriots won Super Bowl LI (though the Gronk had little to do with that).
Tom Brady
The Patriots are the American football betting favourite to win Super Bowl LII.
People who enjoy American football betting fans should note that each edition of the game is released the year before; e.g., Madden NFL 2017 was released on August 23, 2016. Also, the Super Bowl for any given season is played the year after. For example, the Super Bowl LI, which determine the champion of the NFL for the 2016 season, was held on February 5, 2017. Having said that, NFL betting fans will note as well that Madden 2018 will mark only the second time that the same team is featured back-to-back. Before Gronkowski, Richard Sherman had come the closest when Seattle made it all the way to Super Bowl XLIX but lost 28-24 to none other than the Pats. Speaking of whom, the New England Patriots are the faves to win the championship, just like they were last year.