Broncos Lose to Bengals in Week 16 Monday Night Football

December 23rd, 2014 NFL Football

Ravens player tackling Bengals player losing footballThis Monday night, an NFL Week 16 game took place, with the Denver Broncos (1st AFC West) now 11-4 playing at the Cincinnati Bengals (1st AFC North) now 10-4. The matchup was at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio and was seen on ESPN at 8:30PM ET.

With the Bengals being close to playoff elimination and on the brink, in a game where the Bengals defense picked off the Broncos QB Manning some three times, with the last and 3rd interception taking place in the last minutes of the game as Bengals Kirkpatrick intercepted QB Manning for the 3rd tine and returned for a TD on this Monday night win a rain soaked game, as the Bengals sealed the victory 37-28.

Denver scored 7 points in the 1st quarter, and was scoreless in the 2nd quarter, while the Bengals scored 7 points in the 1st quarter and 13 points in the 2nd quarter, and at half-time the score was Bengals 20, Denver 7. In the 3rd quarter the Broncos came back and scored 21 points, and the Bengals scored 7 points, thus the 3rd quarter ended with the Broncos 28 and the Bengals 27. The 4th and final quarter was a different story for the Broncos as they could not put any points on the board, while the Bengals scored 10 points in the 4th quarter, and won the game Bengals 38 and Broncos 27.

The Broncos running game that they had used to win games in the previous 2 games could not manage well in this game as the statistics will verify. The Broncos had 22-1st downs on 65 plays with 385 total yards with 85 rushing and 300 passing yards, while the Bengals had 21-1st downs on 63 plays for a total of 353 offensive yards, with 207 rushing and 146 passing. The Broncos had 4 turnovers, which were interceptions, while the Bengals had 2 turnovers, one interceptions and 1 fumble lost.

The Broncos leading and the end of the 3rd quarter 28-27 were expecting another comeback led by QB Manning, but that didn’t happen as his rally turned out sour. In the 4th quarter and trailing the Bengals 30-28 and with a 3rd and 1, QB Manning in the shotgun and with 3 WR’s, he passed in a hurried situation, he released the ball and it went one way, and his receiver went the other way, and Bengal CB Kirkpatrick made an easy interception in open field, and returned the pickoff for a 30 yard TD. Thus the 2 point difference now became a 10 point difference for the Broncos and they ran out of time and lost the game.

For you football fans that bet on NFL at an offshore sportbook, this coming weekend is the final games for Wk 17 NFL Regulars season and the Denver Broncos now 11-4 play at home against the Oakland Raiders 3-12 (4th AFC West) on Sunday the 28th of Dec. 2014 at 4:25 PM ET on CBS TV. The Bengals now 10-4 play at the Pittsburgh Steelers (2nd AFC North) on Sunday night the 28th of Dec. 2014, at 8:30 PM and on NBC TV.

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