Betting the Coin Toss in Super Bowl Wagering

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl wagering gives you a lot of choices, beginning with who will win the opening coin toss.

The option to bet on the coin toss in Super bowl odds is part of the propositions offered on the game. Surprisingly, there is a lot of Super Bowl wagering trends you can look at with the coin toss.

Super Bowl wagering history shows that the NFC has won the last 11 coin flips. Every time a team has won the coin flip in Super Bowl wagering history they have chosen to receive. Unless the weather is bad, which is unlikely, or a team’s offense is poor, then teams are going to choose to take the ball.

Until last season, the winner of the coin toss had not done very well in Super Bowl odds. The Giants broke a four-game losing streak in Super Bowl wagering for teams winning the coin toss. Overall, teams that won the opening coin toss are 20-22 in the previous 42 Super Bowls as Super Bowl wagering results indicate. They are just 3-9 in the last 12 games though after the Giants won last year’s game. For Super Bowl XLIII the AFC will be calling the coin toss. Super Bowl wagering history tells us that the NFC is the visitor in even numbered games while the AFC is the visitor in odd numbered games.

What about the result of the coin toss in Super Bowl wagering history? In the first 42 Super Bowls it was heads 21 times and tails 21 times. Two years ago the Bears won the coin toss and it was heads as Super Bowl wagering history registers, while last year the Giants won it and it was tails.

Propositions are an interesting part of Super Bowl odds and the coin toss definitely gets a lot of attention in Super Bowl odds. Most people won’t look at the Super Bowl wagering trends when it comes to the coin toss because technically it shouldn’t matter. But then again, isn’t that said about a lot of Super Bowl wagering trends that are considered important?

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