Betting Superbowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds are oftentimes determined by which of the two starting quarterbacks plays better in the big game.

If you look at past MVP’s of previous Super Bowls you will find that the majority of the winners have been Super Bowls.  Let’s look at Superbowl betting and the quarterback factor.

Superbowl odds history shows that in the 42 previous Super Bowls the quarterback has won the MVP award 22 times.  Joe Montana won the award three times. Tom Brady has won it twice.  Last year Brady was denied his third award as the Giants upset the Patriots in Superbowl betting and Eli Manning took the award.

Betting on the MVP is just one of many choices you have when it comes to propositions in Superbowl odds.  If you are going to wager on the MVP award for this year’s Super Bowl you will see low Superbowl odds on both of the two quarterbacks for this year’s game.

Superbowl odds are the most popular on the pointspread side.  Gamblers usually like to take the favorite, but not always. Last year gamblers flocked to take the Giants plus the points in Superbowl odds and they were well rewarded when New York won the game.

Additional Superbowl odds are popular in addition to the side.  Some gamblers like to bet the total and they like to parlay the side and the total.  Oftentimes that means the favorite and the over in Superbowl betting but recently that parlay has been a loser as the last four Super Bowl games have gone under the Superbowl betting total.

Wagering on Superbowl odds this year will be exciting with more gamblers wagering on the big game.  If you are going to choose to bet Superbowl odds you don’t want to forget about some of the other choices like quarters betting, the halftime line, and even a teaser.  Some of these options are ignored by bettors in Superbowl odds because they get enamored with prop bets.  There is no question that props are fun, exciting and potentially profitable, but don’t forget about the other choices you have with Superbowl odds.

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