Betting on NFL Football with Parlays

Betting on NFL football using parlays or teasers is very popular each weekend of the NFL season.
Many gamblers that get involved in NFL betting like parlays and teasers for the increased payouts or the increased odds they offer.

Betting on NFL football parlays is more popular than teasers simply because of the higher payouts. Everyone likes to try NFL betting and hit the big score. Parlays give you this chance when betting on NFL football. NFL betting parlays start at a two teamer that offers odds of about 2.6 to 1. They continue upwards where you can choose as many as 10 teams when betting on NFL football parlays at odds of greater than 640-1. Remember that when betting on NFL football parlays that you must have every game win on your ticket in order to collect. For example, if a gambler has a three team parlay and wins all three picks he gets paid at odds of about 6-1 but if just one team loses the entire bet is a loser.

Betting on NFL football teasers is similar to parlays but instead of increased payouts you get increased NFL betting odds on your bets. Teasers are usually 6, 6.5 or 7 points when betting on NFL football. For example, let’s say you had a four team teaser where New England was -7, Buffalo was +3, the Giants were -10 and Dallas was -4. If you had a 7 point teasers when betting on NFL football you would now have New England at a pick, Buffalo at +10, the Giants at -3 and Dallas at +3. Just like a parlay, all teams on the ticket have to win for you to collect. With a teaser the odds are much lower than a parlay when you are betting on NFL football because of the increased odds you receive.

As you look at parlays and teasers when betting on NFL football keep in mind that the more teams you put on the ticket the tougher it is to win. Keeping parlays and teasers at three or four teams is a good way to have a chance to hit a nice payout when betting on NFL football.

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