Betting Impact of Vikings’ Loss of Peterson

March 3rd, 2020 NFL Football

NFL football betting enthusiasts that are looking at the Week 3 schedule and looking at the lines will have second thoughts on laying money on the Vikings. Considering the fact that Peterson’s season is still in limbo and further news on his status tend to suggest that his absence will be prolonged. The team will definitely hurt, and they will definitely miss his contribution to Minnesota’s offense.

Early lines for the next Vikings games are placing Mike Zimmer’s team at +425 on Sunday’s game versus the 0-2 Saints. On a different scenario one would expect Minnesota to be at a more favorable position, but the dark cloud over the organization after the Adrian Peterson controversy that broiled this week, and the suspension of their star player, debilitates the Vikings chances for Sunday’s game.

Exactly how will this scandal affect the Viking’s 2014 season is hard to tell, considering that for the time being Peterson’s suspension is indefinite until further investigations and notice. The Vikings Offense strongly relies on Peterson running for racking up yards, since starting quarter back Matt Cassel has struggled in the team’s first two games. NFL football betting fans are best advised to avoid laying money on Minnesota.

It is still early to make a ruling on how will the Vikings season go, as the league has not have pronounced a final word regarding Adrian Peterson. But Considering how the Vikings were obliterated by the Patriots last week, and how they have the tough challenge to go to New Orleans and face the Saints, a loss (by a considerable margin) is to be expected. The future is not looking too bright for Minnesota as they will next face the Falcons at home and then they will travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers. Unless next-to-miraculous turns of events in the coming days happen, and good news begin to come for the Vikings, this season is pretty much done for.

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