Betting Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting football odds is not that difficult to do. You decide which team you think will cover the spread and make your wager.

The bigger question is how to pick winners and how to win money at college and NFL betting. It all starts with understanding how the odds are made. Betting football odds are made by oddsmakers that get paid to understand how the public is likely to bet.

Power ratings that are used to set football odds are compiled by formulas and factors taken into account such as the numbers from the prior season, roster changes, injuries, etc. The final power rating that the NFL betting oddsmakers come up with is then adjusted throughout the season based on that team’s performance. 

Supposedly the football odds are made by oddsmakers to try and set a line that attracts equal action to both sides of the game from those gamblers betting football. The reality is somewhat different with college and NFL betting odds though as sportsbooks don’t mind unbalanced action if it is on the team that is unlikely to win. If the sportsbooks attract equal amounts of betting football action to both sides of a game they will get the 10% vig from the losing side. Most sportsbooks want more than that though and they set up traps that bettors fall into during the season when betting football.

When preparing the college and NFL betting odds the sportsbooks will compare numbers and also take into account perception as it applies to the odds. After going over their numbers and deciding which games will attract public action they come up with the final betting football odds that gamblers betting football will see.

It could be that when you look at the betting football odds that your location matters. If you are dealing with an online sportsbook then location doesn’t matter but if you are betting in Vegas or with a local bookie then it is possible the betting football odds will be affected by the city. If it is Vegas then the betting football odds could see California money affect the line. If it is somewhere back East then New York teams could be shaded a bit.

There are many ingredients to the betting football odds and it is always interesting to see how the oddsmakers come up with their numbers.

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